About Us


In June of 1996, Joan Smothers left Coldwell Banker as their #2 Chicago Metropolitan Broker and the consistent #1 La Grange Area Broker to open Smothers Realty Group.  To accomplish this, she built an organization of highly professional, ethical Brokers who catapulted Smothers Realty Group to be the consistent leader in the market.  Smothers Realty Group has been the #1 real estate brokerage in the market for more than two decades.


Smothers Realty Group has been a staple of the La Grange Area landscape both professionally and philanthropically for more than 20 years.  Aware of the need – and a strong desire – to continually give back to the community, Smothers Realty Group has been significantly involved with local non-profits and groups such as The LeaderShop, The Legacy Guild, Brew Moon Festival and Aging Care Connections.  Smothers Realty Group was also a founder of the LaGrange House Walk. which benefited Pillars. With a passion for non-profit involvement, Joan is on the Board of The LeaderShop and formerly Chair of the LGBA’s Non-Profit Committee.




In February 2020, Smothers Realty Group aligned with Compass to partner the most elite group of local Brokers and the most innovative, technologically advanced national firm to become Smothers Group under the Compass umbrella.   Over its 22 years as Number 1, national and regional firms sought partnership with Smothers.  However, it was not until Compass and Smothers explored a partnership that the fit was right.


Joan says she knew right away when talking to Compass that their missions were aligned.  “We are able to keep our autonomy and the reputation we have built for so long and gain a platform that is unparalleled.  It can only result in our ability to help our clients in more ways than ever and give us the support to become even more involved in our community.  With programs like Compass Concierge and interest free bridge loans, and over 15,000 elite brokers nationwide we will have so many options for our clients. With investors like American Express and SoftBank, dedicated marketing support, and technology experts at the top of their field, the success of our clients is assured.”


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