2018 Marks More Than Two Decades of Market Leadership

For more than two decades, Smothers Realty Group retained a leadership position in La Grange. In 2018, that includes Cathy Bier, Shannon Kutchek and Helen LaLonde as three of the Top 10 Brokers in La Grange.

The brokerage, founded by Managing Broker/owner Joan Smothers in 1996 and now with about 30 full-time Brokers, has consistently held leading market share positions over the competition, including national and global real estate offices in the same trading area who, in some cases, have more than four times as many Brokers.

Smothers attributes the long-term success of the brokerage to the community connections, partnerships and on-the-ground insights her Brokers have cultivated that allow them to share a more in-depth knowledge about the community and the inventory with clients than other Brokers.

Following are additional 2018 year-end highlights for Smothers Realty Group:

  • The firm is Number 1 in the Cossitt elementary school district in sales volume and number of homes sold;*
  • Cathy Bier is Number 1 in La Grange and La Grange Park in volume and number of homes sold;*
  • Shannon Kutchek is Number 2 in La Grange in volume;*
  • Helen LaLonde is Number 7 in volume in La Grange and in the Top 15 in La Grange and La Grange Park combined in volume;*
  • Robby Bartholomai is in the Top 15 in La Grange and La Grange Park combined in number of homes sold.*

In addition to its long-time success in greater La Grange market, Smothers Realty Group has broadened its business in recent years throughout the western suburbs, including Westchester, Western Springs, Darien, Naperville and Aurora, to name a few.


*All statistics via MLSNI, 1/1/2018-12/31/2018.



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