La Grange – A Bike-Able Metra Town


As a town situated on the BNSF Railway Metra train line to Chicago and only about 18 miles from downtown Chicago, you can get to the city from La Grange via express train(s) in only 18 minutes from two centrally located stops at the La Grange Road and Stone Ave stations.

For many La Grange residents, the train stops are walkable and/or bikeable, which has made bike commuting very popular, even during winter months.

Add to that an increasingly environmentally conscious population, biking to the train has become an attractive alternative to driving.

While there is often a waiting list for train parking permit and many of the metered spots fill up fast and early during rush hour commuting times, there is always room to park/lock your bike at the station…and either park it at the station or take it safely on the train.

Some tips to make your bike commuting experience in La Grange safe and easy:

  • Invest in a good U-lock. If the bike racks at train stations are full, secure your bike to something that would not be easily taken apart or lifted. No trees!
  • Wearing a bike helmet essential to your safety, no matter what route you take to the train.
  • Always ride on the right with the traffic flow and follow all signs and signals
  • When passing a parked vehicle, be alert for opening doors.
  • Wear bright clothing and use lights on the front and rear of your bike if riding at night or dusk.
  • Cycle defensively.

For other great tips on safe bike commuting, visit

And, for more information from the Village of La Grange on bike commuting, including how to attach your bike to Pace buses or board it on Metra trains, check out the brochure Bike to Metra available for download at


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